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βœ”οΈ Private Source

Cash Wallet is a private source BCH wallet. Downloadable feature-friendly wallets will come in future releases. This version is written in Javascript, forked from software released under the MIT License.

πŸ–ŠοΈπŸ–‹οΈ Multi-Signature

Offering a fully transparent multi-signature solution which works seamlessly offline and with third-party BCH software.

⛓️ Transactions

Create, verify, sign and broadcast custom transactions online with advanced features and minimal effort!

πŸ‘› Wallet

Quick access to an online wallet where only you have access to your own private keys!


Supporting BCH addresses as well as multi-signature, plus access to your own private keys!


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Wallet to send and receive BCH

BCH Address Create a new BCH address & public/private key-pair

Remember to write down these codes and keep the Private Key secret as it is the only way to redeem the wallet funds! You will need this information in a later step.

Advanced Options

You can use the advanced options below to generate different kind of keys and addresses.

Multi-Signature Address Create a new secure multi-signature address

Public keys can be created in your browser or from your third-party BCH client.

Enter the public keys of all the participants to create a multi-signature address. Maximum of 15 participants allowed. Compressed and uncompressed public keys are accepted.

Enter the amount of signatures required to release the coins

Time-Locked Address Create a new address where funds can be released only after a certain date and time

Create a time-locked address where the funds remain unspendable until a set date and time has passed.

Public keys can be created in your browser or from your third-party BCH client.

Enter the public key that will be able to unlock the funds after the certain date and time.

Enter the or the required to release the funds:


HD Address Create a master hierarchical deterministic address to make BIP32 even easier

Use the form below to generate a master HD Address.

Address Options

You can use the advanced options below to generate different kinds of master addresses.

Transaction Create a new transaction

Use this page to create a transaction

BCH Address, WIF Key or Multi-Signature Redeem Script:

Advanced Options

Enter the BCH address you wish to make a payment to and amount.

Enter the details of inputs you wish to spend.

Verify the transaction or other address options

Enter the Transaction, Redeem Script, Public Key, HD Address, or WIF Key to convert it into a readable format that can be verified manually.

Sign the transaction once it has been verified

After you verify a transaction you can sign and then broadcast it across the BCH network.

Broadcast the transaction across the BCH network

Enter your hex-encoded BCH transaction after it has been signed.

Development Javascript framework, API and more

This section is currently under development and is subject to change.

About Cash Wallet

Cash Wallet is a BCH wallet running completely within your device browser. It operates exclusively with the BCH, or "Bitcoin Cash", version of the Bitcoin protocol. This software version, or fork, is completely backwards-compatible with the original Bitcoin blockchain software and follows its original roadmap guidance of the founder. As a software protocol it can only transmit information and it cannot send commodities or tangible forms of property. That information, like other types of speech, transmits useful value to its recipient. This value is transmitted from one node to the next as a form of payment and is therefore referred to as a digital currency. It shares the complete immutable payment transaction history and is the recommended software for all future use and upcoming upgrades. In order to reach a critical mass of users and maximum utility it is recommended to use only BCH software and no other version of Bitcoin, or any other digital currency.


This site does not collect and store location or transaction data via its servers nor does it store private keys.

This code is not made available in the commons, meaning impersonators are easier to identify and take down.


Remind lawmakers and enforcement agents CODE IS SPEECH and as software regulating or taxing digital currency is illegal censorship in certain jurisdictions.

Settings Making Cash Wallet even more interesting with advanced tool settings:

These simple settings below make can Cash Wallet more useful to advanced users.


Select which network protocol you'd like to use:


Select the network via which you wish to broadcast the transaction

Unspent outputs:

Select the network from which you wish to retreive your unspent inputs

This page uses local browser code to generate your addresses and sign your transactions. The site never sees your private keys. You can even try to run it offline to see for yourself.